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Profound & Proven Expertise in Spend Reductions: Our track record speaks for itself, but don’t take our word, let our Clients share their experience.

Technologically Savvy: By keeping up, we are usually able to implement tech upgrades while simultaneously dropping costs.

Rightsizing: By implementing Best in Class Processes that operate on high OLE´s (Operating Level Agreements), we deliver FTE’s rationalization.

Knowledge: We know how to implement changes that really last.

Timing: We know when Vendors are more likely to cut the best deal at hand.

Complete Spend Analysis: The Fundamental Cost Reduction Tool for Procurement

Quick Wins: Fast Savings Opportunities by Direct Benchmarking from our reliable M.R.O. & Services Suppliers

Partnership: Our consultants bond perfectly with your company’s Team and by aligning our goals with yours, we rely on our success fee for a big deal of our income.

We really walk the talk: Our Income will be less than 50% of your Overall Savings!!!


Spend Analysis & Strategic Sourcing: The Perfect Tools for an Outstanding Budget Reduction
Spend Analysis: If you don’t know - How could you manage …

Even doe no Commercial Manager could survive his lack of knowledge about sales levels and profits per channel, in our daily practice, we come across more often than not with Heads of Procurement who not only don’t know the level of expenditure of their companies, and how much of that is under their scope, nor the opportunity areas of savings at hand.

As many contracts are made without Purchasing Department’s intervention; a simple ratio between Total Purchase Orders Amount and Total Expenditure (“Everything the company has paid for” minus Payroll and Taxes) on a yearly basis shows the real coverage by Procurement. Best in class companies reach 87% (Aberdeen Group 2008). Do you know how far is your company today!

This breach is an opportunity for Purchasing, and in times like this is when there is a bigger chance to grab it.

Turn to Optimizer Consulting. We have been There! - We have done That!
Strategic Sourcing: The State of the Arts in Purchasing

Originally developed by A.T. Kearney in 1975, and nowadays worldwide adopted, this methodology assures to reach the highest possible economies for any spend category, and is still unbeatable to legitimate and implement sourcing changes.

Working in small task forces formed by administrators, controllers, suppliers and procurement officers, all paradigms are challenged, specs are reviewed as well as service level agreements and their impact on the company’s bottom line, focus switches from Price to Total Cost of Ownership.

Due to our Strategic Sourcing expertise, your company can assure it’s buying what is best for her and not what a particular Department prefers.

With Savings up to 40% with 20% average reductions, companies of any size and sector that are not currently unfolding an Strategic Sourcing Plan, should ask themselves what are they really up to in Procurement.
Are you really sure? Are you really confident?
Is your IT & Telecom Spend under control?
Moneywise, are you absolutely certain?
Before you approve another budget increase – Before you spend more money – Before it’s too late…

Take a few minutes to find out why so many other companies like yours have found in Optimizer Consulting their One and Only true Partners when it comes to IT & Telecom Spend: Your Success is Our Success and Failure is not an Option (neither for you nor for us)!

Networks & Projects’ Audit

IT Capex & Opex Budget Audit

IT & Telecom Contract Audit

IT & Telecom Service Outsourcing

Energy & Environment Infrastructure Projects for Data Centers and Factory supply

HR Outsourcing Our Independent View, Our Technology Expertise, and above all our Success Fee are our magical words! And if we can’t help your company obtain real Savings (Cost Reductions + Cost Avoidances), you will get the fruit of our work for free!
We do more, we do better…

Vendor Negotiation Coaching: OC acts as your coach and industry insider as you negotiate vendor agreements.

Purchasing Process Optimization: OC technology purchasing experts work with you to define and implement clear processes, including competitive bidding best practices, vendor communications and approval procedures.

Vendor Portfolio Evaluation: OC works with you to segment suppliers based on their strategic versus commoditized value.

Vendor Management: Combining OC’s best practices for vendor management with a solid understanding of your technology and business goals.

Billing Analysis & Audits: Our spend management experts review your telecom bills and billing procedures, highlighting inaccuracies, discrepancies and areas of concern.

Rate & Pooling Plan Optimization: CO helps you determine the most favorable rate structure based on your wireless/wireline usage volumes and peak service times.

Total Sourcing: CO’s consultants can manage your entire telecom purchasing process, from RFP development to executing reverse auctions and contract negotiation.

Cost Management Best Practices: Our spend management experts help you manage your telecom spend by providing telecom usage, pricing and auditing best practices.

Mario Minino

Mario is a Telecommunication Engineer, Ms.Cs. in Telecommunication Networks. Proficient in Business Development based on Market Needs Assessment, Telco’s Commercial, Operational and System Integration business issues. Besides Spanish, Mario speaks French & English.

Mario has accomplished +20 years’ experience in Telecommunications and Finance. He held senior level executive posts in leading High Tech companies in Domestic & International Markets (Alcatel; Techint; France Telecom; Ericsson); he serves as IT & Telecom Advisor for several large size companies’ Board of Directors.

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This consultant was formed in early 1997, initiating based on the opportunity of making use of new activities technologies and the development of solutions to optimization IT costs, technology and services company. Some of our customers: Ask us please contact TE and some that you want the attached list
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  • MOSA (Uruguay)

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  • Grupo Danone

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  • Caro Cuore - Demibell

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  • Obra Social L. Pasteur

  • Obra Social de Empresarios ASE

  • Grupo Inplast

  • Baesa (Distribuidora Embotelladora PEPSI)

  • Bco Macro

  • Bco Salta - Bco Jujuy - Bco Misiones

  • Bco Bansud

  • Enrique R. Zeni & Asoc.

  • OAR Latinoamerica

  • Buenos Aires Capital Partners SA

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  • Organfur

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  • Legión de la Buena Voluntad

  • Decapiazza

  • Transnea, Transnoa

  • Dos Anclas

  • Molinos Morixe-Guglielmetti

  • Hoteles Loitegui-Loimar

  • Millicom Argentina

  • Arfinsa SA

  • Banco de Estado (Chile)

  • Profit Technologies Co (EEUU)

  • DecaPiazza

  • Agrega SA

  • Eco de los Andes

  • Fabrica Paraguaya de Vidrios (Paraguay)

  • Coroplast

  • Maltería Tres Arroyos

  • Ambev

  • Mirgor SCIFyA

  • Suarez &Menendez

  • Ertach SA

  • R. Vaccari & Asoc

  • Savitar SRL

  • Obras Metálicas SA

  • Furlong Incoming SA

  • La Salamandra SA

  • Petroquimica Comodoro Rivadavia

  • Saint Gobain Prod. Constr

  • Microsoft

  • Imsud SA

  • Iggam SAI

  • Weber Argentina SA

  • Grupo Dietrich

  • Avex SA

  • La Farmaco Argentina SA

  • Grupo IATE

  • Bandex -Inforplast

  • Sociedad Comercial del Plata

  • Datacom (Bolivia)

  • Netvision (Paraguay)

  • Nestlé Waters

  • Fresh – Waters

  • Pepsi Co

  • Gatorade

  • Maltería Pampa

  • Maltería Paysandú (Uruguay)

  • Aguas Salus (Uruguay)

  • Marsh Uruguay

  • United Utilities Inc

  • EDEA (Empresa Distrib.Energía del Atlántico)

  • Holding Saint Gobain

  • Holding INCESA (Bolivia)

  • Cervecería Chile (Chile)

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  • Papel Misionero

  • Paraguay Refrescos (Paraguay)

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